Hi there!

My blog, ‘The Anthroment’ is – to put it very simply – about the impacts of humans on the planet. My opinions, my studies, and scientific news. The blog got its name from a bit of word play, combining Anthropocene (the current geologic era where humans are having a visible impact on the world) with environment (reflecting how the focus of this blog is on the natural world). If you want to know a bit more about my inspiration for creating this site have a look at my first post.

Otherwise, here are some of the things you may find on my site:
Science news – any news will most likely be around an environmental/climate topic. It may be a summary of an article which I have wrote for Science Connected. Science Connected is a great magazine designed to make science accessible for all readers, has a wide range of topics and also some educational resources
Myself and my studies – One of the main reasons I started my blog was a space to write and publish things I come across through my studies and have decided to look into further. I will also occasionally write about my travel experiences as they have been fundamental in shaping my environmental interests. Here is a fairly short and light piece. The first thing I wrote exclusively for my blog ‘5 unexpected ways humans are changing the planet‘.
Other published work – This included articles I have wrote previously, for university, magazines, scholarly journals and anything else.
Article summaries – This is one for all the students out there! I am by no means saying this blog will be a SparkNotes for scientific articles, but, I tend to write summaries for my own studies. As I study a wide variety of subjects from economic geography to evolution to earth scientists it is likely to be useful to quite a few students. I will add the most relevant articles throughout the academic year and upload my previous work whenever I get some time.

Work in progress – An article on the newly-coined term ‘anthropause’ following the drastic drop in human activity due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the implication of Covid-19 in efforts to reduce emissions and control climate change, how climate change will effect Britain as a country, and recommendations for books and documentaries relevant to climate change but aren’t too hard-going

Currently my blog is on a bit of an ‘anthropause’ due to a whole host of other things I must be getting on with. However, I haven’t forgotten about my little project.

That’s all for now,